• Looking for information about psychiatric medication, or medications with a psychiatric effect?
  • Want to find out how to reduce or stop taking a medication as safely as possible?
  • Looking for other people who have experiences with medications – good, bad, and ‘it’s complicated’?


This is a growing network to link you to all those resources around the world. There are forums, websites, publications, research, and support. Find answers, get informed, and touch base with other people.

None of the information linked to represents an endorsement, recommendation, diagnosis, or medical advice. Medications can be powerful, dangerous, and complicated to start, keep using, add other medications to, and stop taking. Please talk with a trusted professional or medical doctor about starting, stopping, adding to, or problems you may be having with a medication. Some of these resources can help you find a sympathetic doctor or help you to have more effective conversations about managing your meds with your current health service providers.

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